Top Tips For Motorcycle Riding in the UK

If you plan to start riding a motorcycle soon and want to spend your holidays in the UK, then you are most certainly going to want to read this article. You will learn where to go for motorcycle riding in the UK and what places to visit while you are there. Motorcycle riding in the UK is not as hard as you may think or feel. In fact, it is quite easy to learn to ride in the UK because so many places have great motorcycle riding courses that you can choose from.

motorcycle riding in the UK

There are three ways to receive a proper CBT. First, you can join a training course that is run by a recognized motorcycle training organization. These organizations will put you through a rigorous 4-day course, during which you will receive all the necessary insurances, plus some practical tests. They will not only teach you all the theory involved, but they will also help you get ready for the practical tests to let you know whether or not you are ready to ride on a real motorcycle.

Riding on a real motorcycle is like nothing else you will experience. That is why taking a CBT is important if you want to get your motorcycle licence and be riding on the open road in the UK. To qualify for a practical test, you will have to pass at least two of the four sections that are required. The motorcycle licensing test is administered by the Motorcycling Council (MEC) and you must pass one of the following sections in order to proceed: Motocross, Street Performance, Cross Country or Event.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts in the UK start their journey by sightseeing before deciding to ride. For those that see the sights, you can take part in competitive riding classes or go on a day trip with your family. If you would prefer to cruise around on a leisurely pace, you can rent bikes and go sightseeing by yourself. For those who prefer to take on some sort of competition, there are a number of riding schools across the country that you could choose to attend. For example, rides at the famous Brands Hatch circuit in Kent will allow you to see some of the most stunning areas of the country, including Stonehenge, which is the pre-historic monument found in the Kent area.

Prior to attending your first official UK motorcycle ride, you must complete a pre-ride safety check. This check consists of a two hour test that covers everything from how to ride safely on a two-stroke bike to the importance of wearing a helmet and leathers for touring. You will also be expected to take part in a wind tunnel test, ride on a farm trail and carry out several manoeuvres in a car. Completing these tasks allows you to move forward on your way to enjoying a smooth journey on your motorcycle.

Before long you will be ready to hit the open road. Many motorcycle riders prefer to tour on their bikes, so plan your trip carefully. The top tips for motorcycle riders in the UK include not taking on any unnecessary risks, always staying alert and being observant at all times. By following these guidelines, you are sure to have an enjoyable time on your next spin around the countryside.