Motorcycle Riding With Your Family

motorcycle riding in the Alps

Motorcycle Riding With Your Family

You can have hours of fun with your friends and family enjoying the great outdoors on a motorcycle riding trip through the beautiful Alps. It is important to treat your outing with care, however, and follow all guidelines outlined by your tour organizer. For example, you may not be able to participate in certain activities due to local environmental considerations. It is advisable to contact your organizer to discuss these factors before your trip.

Many of the more experienced riders that frequent these online forums are, unlike me, avid enthusiasts about motorcycle riding in the Alps region. Some are even strong supporters of doing it all on your own, thus saving you from excessive groupthink and saving you time. You will probably need a good sense of balance when taking your motorcycle on a “test ride,” so get some professional help if you need it. Also, be sure to wear a helmet – I know it sounds silly, but it is really true. If your helmet is not equipped with the proper protection for your head and face, your head could easily break open during the lift off and the ride itself. I’ve heard of many serious injuries occurring to riders attempting to take their helmets off in the woods!

There are several types of touring motorcycles that you and your family may wish to consider. I personally would only venture into mountain bike tours if there was someone with me (or a friend) who had experience riding with the larger, heavier bikes (ie: a touring cruiser) first. A mountain bike tour is a great way to see the region – it is a completely different experience than a road trip. You will be exposed to the flora and fauna, as well as being able to see many of the famous mountain trails that you have likely come across by driving down the road.

A day trip that may even include multiple nights in Chamonix, France would be another possibility. Spend the days riding and enjoying the scenery. You can visit along the way at various places, or spend the night at one of Chamonix’s luxurious five star hotels. After the days of riding and exploring, plan some time to relax and enjoy the local restaurants. Chamonix is like a small town, with plenty of restaurants and shopping.

Another possibility for motorcycle touring is to take a European tour. Europe is a very diverse region. While certain countries are more popular with American riders than others, there are still ways for you to enjoy the region. You can start in Italy, traveling up through France and Germany, then up into England. Or, for a truly historic tour, you can head up through France and Germany to Italy, and then on to Portugal and Spain. Each of these routes offer different historical sites to experience, as well as amazing beaches and tourist attractions.

There are so many possibilities when considering motorcycle touring. Instead of spending weeks in your hotel or visiting the same few places, try a European tour and include riding. Your family will enjoy the variety, and your traveling experience will be unique.