Motorcycle Riding in the Alps – How to Enjoy Your Holiday in the Italian Alps

Have you ever been to the Alps and enjoyed a day of motorbike cruising on some of the most beautiful and challenging trails? If so, you will know that the scenery is nothing short of breath taking. It does not matter if you are an experienced rider or a complete beginner, there is so much to offer that you will be tempted to want more. The best way to gain this is by taking your motorcycle riding in the Alps a step further with a bit of off-road motor bike touring experience.

motorcycle riding in the Alps

Most of the main trails in the Alps are suitable for both experienced riders and beginners. One of the most popular, as well as one of the best trails are the Alpes and Les Gets. This trail follows the valley floor and begins out of Chamonix, following its path all the way down to the foot of Mont Gervais. The main difficulty of this trail is the winding climbs that it comes with, however it is definitely worth it!

Another of the famous mountains in the Alps, the Rietberg is also known as the St Pilier. This is an extremely popular mountain trails that is ideal for both experienced riders and those who love to mountain bike. There are numerous road and path networks which make this trail ideal for biking enthusiasts. The main difficulty of this trail is the wide range of obstacles that it comes with, from bridges to stone walls. However, if you are up for the challenge, then there are no problems with this as it has been rated as one of the toughest mountain trails in the world!

Some of the most beautiful roads in the Alps can be found in the Courmayeur National Park. This park is spread out over fourteen thousand acres of purest beauty and stunning scenery. The most popular route of this route is the Amicalola Pass, where the longest and steepest part of the pass is found. Other than being a really tough ride, this is also the longest scenic road in the whole country!

If you want something a little easier to handle, then the Amicalola Valley is the place to be. There are plenty of motorbike trails to explore, and the longer ones provide you with a great view of the valley. The longest of these trail starts from the town of Amicalola and goes on up towards Montalcino, while the shorter trails include the shorter Amicalola Pass and the Amicalola Valley itself. For some great motorcycle riding in the Alps, definitely check out the Montalcino Pass as it is recommended for beginners only. The other important thing to note about this area is that it has a wide variety of motorbikes from several different manufacturers to choose from.

The last of the famous motorbike trails in the Alps is the Loge de la Crochetre. It starts from the village of Montalcino and goes on to the village of Crochetre. Here you will have the chance to cross a few kilometers of rough roads made out of cobblestone. After this however you will finally reach the Amicalola River valley and a wide open expanse of woods and trails. Here you will again be able to use your motorcycle riding in the Alps map, as the route allows you to stop and take pictures all along the route.