Motorcycle Riding in Italy

If you have never taken a motorcycle abroad, it may seem like a good idea at first, especially if you are interested in taking motorcycle holidays. There are many places to see when considering motorcycle holidays but there are three I would highly recommend. They are as follows:

Italy has it all great places to see, great places to eat and great places to ride. Italy has everything you would want for a great motorcycle touring holiday whether you prefer golden sandy beaches, dramatic rolling hills, beautiful cities full of history or friendly, breath-taking Italians. Italy has great food and wine, too, so what more could you ask for? The summers are often very hot and usually very sunny, the people are very friendly and sometimes the food just says you can’t eat too much well on a tour to Italy. So, these are the top three places to see and to ride.

First of all, in my opinion, the best part of Italy is the countryside. Whether you choose to take a long secluded road trip or just a day ride, you will be awestruck by the beauty and landscape of Italy. If you are looking for the best views and the best way to see the countryside then you need to head to the central areas of Italy; Lecce, Sicily and Abruzzo.

Riding a bike in Italy is a unique experience and you will never forget it. Most roads in Italy are fairly clear and open so that you can see plenty of countryside. The best times for riding are the late parts of summer and early fall. When riding on a motorbike on rural highways you get a nice view of rolling hills covered in black volcanic ash and with amazing views of the Italian Alps. There is nothing quite like riding on those old dusty roads, watching farmers harvesting vegetables, vineyards with their grapevines and families enjoying the day outdoors. Motorbikes are not allowed on most roads during the winter months and you need to have a fresh set of gears to make it out on the road in the coming months.

Another great thing about riding in Italy is the fact that it is a big country and you will not be restricted to visiting just a few cities. Italy has some of the best cities in Europe with Rome, Milan, Florence, Pisa, Turin, Barcelo, Braggia, Salzburg, Bologna, Roma, Florence, Portoferraio, Venice, Rouen, Bar i Luce, Catania, Citta Vecchio and many other smaller cities. You can hit almost anywhere in this wonderful continent without any difficulty. If you want to see more of Italy then you need to have a bike and travel on the numerous backroads and main highways that connect all of the major cities. You will not even have to take a rest day and will have plenty of opportunity to explore the countryside and see hill tops, mountains, castles, farms and monasteries.

One of the best things about motorcycle riding in Italy is that motorbike riders can go on ‘auto-asia’ tours throughout Italy. These tours usually start in the north, going through parts of Tuscany and towards the Mediterranean coast. They end in places such as Campania, the dermis, Sicily andated Rome. There are also motorbike guided tours that will take you through the historic center of Italy and to the heart of the country, the Vatican City.