Motorcycle Riding in Ireland – 4 Best Places to Start Your Tour

motorcycle riding in Ireland

Motorcycle Riding in Ireland – 4 Best Places to Start Your Tour

For motorcycle riding in Ireland, you would want to choose some of the best places that you can visit. Riding on a motorcycle is one of the most fun things that you can do. You get the feeling that you are cruising on the road, enjoying the good nature and at the same time getting the thrill of being on the road. With so many options available, you can surely find the best places for riding in Ireland. The following will guide you to choose the best places where you can enjoy motorcycle riding in Ireland.

One of the best places for riding in Ireland would be Galway City. There are many routes and you can even take one from the harbor to the national park. Here, you can have complete freedom of movement without any trouble. There is a separate area for motorcycle riders called the “Dingle Peninsula Road”.

The next best place for motorcycle riding in Ireland would be Cork. This city is known for having a peaceful atmosphere with lots of tourist attractions. Cork harbor is always bustling and there are a lot of places to have lunch and to stay. So, if you are staying in Cork, then you would like to ride to Galway or to other places of interest nearby. Of course, for a more relaxed riding experience, you can try out Connemara.

Kilmainham is also another great place to enjoy biking in Ireland. It is a seaside resort town. There are also plenty of eating options in Kilmainham. Some of the best eating spots here include O’ Shea’s (which has its own restaurant), Carlow Restaurant, The Cherry Tree and Mr T’s Irish Pub.

A few of the best places to go for bike riding in Ireland would include Galway city and Fergie’s concert at Croighers castle. Galway is a historical city that is full of interesting sites. You can also ride from here to Bandonagh and see the landscapes that are enthralling you. If you love sailing, then you can take your bike along to some of the wonderful beaches there. For those who love cycling, then you can stop off at some of the scenic spots in County Kerry.

Finally, for the best places to enjoy motorcycle riding in Ireland, you should definitely visit Dublin. It is a magnificent city full of history. It is also the capital of many of the counties in Ireland. For those interested in history, you can try out the National Museum near the Phoenix Park. This museum has an amazing collection of weapons and artifacts from all over Ireland.