All About Travel Insurance For Motorcycle Riding In Italy

If you are planning a vacation in Italy, then it will definitely be worthwhile getting your motorcycle abroad and hitting some of the best places to see in this picturesque country. Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and with Italy being so spread out, there is a lot to see in just one small country. And what especially like about this country is the fact that each area is slightly different from its neighbors as well. The scenery, the people, the great places to visit, the roads, everything changes immensely as you travel around Italy.

motorcycle riding in Italy

For example, you will find that there are many areas of Italy that are considered to be mountainous regions. In some areas you can go on long and arduous climbs only to come across some of the prettiest and most breathtaking scenery ever. Some areas, on the other hand, feature some of the most scenic rolling hills that are almost impossible to get over. Such places that would be best for motorcycle riding in Italy would be the Alpes and parts of the Apennines Mountains. Such views as you have been promised would really make your day when you are on your way to seeing Italy’s grandest museums and cathedrals.

Another great part of Italy that you will want to take in when you are on your way to seeing the country would be the countryside. Riding on your bike down the roads and through the countryside will give you such breathtaking views that you may never forget them. Indeed, some of the best roads to bike on in Italy include the Lovers’ Path, which starts off in Milan and goes all the way up to the Vatican City. In Pienza you can see many historic towns like Fiumicco, Milan, Siena, Turin, Bari, Genoa, Venice and Verona. Another famous route that you can take your bike on is the San Peter Basilica which you can also visit by climbing to the summit of the Saint Peter’s Mount.

When driving your motorbike on Italian roads you will have to abide by a few laws that are put in place in order to make sure that everyone can enjoy them. For instance you will have to give way to pedestrians and animals on the road. You should also avoid using your headlights and any other unnecessary lights while driving as they can prove to be very dangerous. These are some of the strictest laws regarding riding on Italian roads and what you need is a driving licence in order to do so.

When you are looking to travel insurance for your motorbike in Italy, you will have to be aware of certain guidelines that are part and parcel of the policy that you take out. You will have to ensure that you carry a valid driving licence from your home country in case you are stopped by the police. This means that you will have to provide several weeks’ official documentation proving that you are a legitimate resident of Italy and that you have a driving licence from your home country. If you are caught without the correct documentation, you could get several points attached to your licence which will make travelling on the roads in Italy extremely difficult. There are also some minor penalties that you may be able to pay in order to keep your vehicle legal on the road in Italy.

If you are touring Italy with your motorcycle then you should see this as a great chance to get to see some of the best cities in all of Italy including Florence, Rome, Tuscany and Palermo. Whilst there you should take time to look over some of the beautiful cycle trails that are in the country. If you are touring with your family then you may wish to consider taking out breakdown insurance so that if anything should happen to your bike then you are covered and you don’t have to worry about paying for it on your own.